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How a Marketing Funnel Can Help Your Conversion Rate

If you have an online business, increasing your conversion rate is a top priority. The greater your conversion rates, the more customers or clients your company will likely have. There are many one-off actions you can attempt to increase your conversion rate, but in order to see a sustained level of conversion you need a plan. In today’s post, we look at the marketing funnel and how it can help you increase your conversion rates.

Improve Your Content Marketing with These 3 Psychological Hacks

In the world of content marketing, we are all looking for ways to tweak our sites to create the best user experience possible. We want our audience to not only connect with us but to see us as a subject matter authority. While there are no magical ways to create this connection, there are insights from the field of psychology that can help. Here are 3 psychological hacks to help improve your content marketing.

Single-Page vs. Multi-Page Forms – Which One Is Right For You?

Whether you are looking to increase the number of subscribers to your site, or improve your e-commerce sales, your intake form is the bridge that moves visitors into subscribers or customers. If your form is streamlined and laid out logically, your visitors should be able to complete the necessary steps easily. But if you find your conversion rates dropping at this step, it might be time to change up your intake form format.

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