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That’s right. You get limitless WordPress help on your WordPress website requests on small jobs every month! You know. All those tasks you want done but never find how to accomplish much less the time to do so. When you do find time, you end up spending a LOT more time on it then you planned (many times not getting it done either). That’s no fun.


We will maintain your site which includes all WP core, plugins, and themes etc. Additionally, there is regular security scans (with notifications) and backups on/off site. We also can help with plugin-conflicts, site speed increases, broken links, and more.This can be a very important part of a WordPress help & support team.


That is right. Let us know your ideas or results you would like to achieve and we will give you suggestions or point you in a direction we feel would be helpful. We love helping others find the power of WordPress in accomplishing their goals. Additionally, we will regularly review your site and give you site improvement suggestions. ***Note: We will sometimes run WordPress help & support sign-on bonuses. If we are currently, it will be clearly posted on Get Started or Pricing & Plans.

Here are some examples of some WordPress help & support.

This is certainly not exhaustive by any means, but just gives you some ideas (I am sure you know of plenty more)!

Increasing your site loading speed


Images, video, audio, text adjustments


Locate broken links


Plugin or theme conflicts

Security harden your site

Integrate many different external or 3rd party services with your WordPress (i.e. email providers etc.) Just tell us what you are trying to do

Improve user experience/interaction, conversions on landing pages, and bounce rates

Fix minor errors, bugs, etc

Whatever it is that you need help with in WordPress, we are here to help. Send just about any small or perplexing job you don’t have time to deal with and we will work to fix it

Bounce your ideas over to us regarding new things you would like to try to accomplish with WordPress. We will give you our brief input, suggestions, or recommendations as best we can at the time 

Google Analytics integration, heat mapping/eye tracking, and other such actionable and decision making metrics to improve your website performance and results

If you need/want a new WordPress install (or would like us to host/move a current site you have), then we can set it up for you and give you a FREE domain name that you will always own after the 1st month of service (or use one you have now) along with FREE hosting on our ultra fast SSD fully redundant servers.

The above/below is really only scratching the surface of the different things we can help you with on WordPress. Your imagination/ideas are the limits in regards to the different kind of WordPress small jobs you can request. Your drive for your endeavor and our excitement in helping you is what drives us. Seeing you happy and satisfied is of utmost importance! Try us out today.

How Stuff Gets Done

If you request us to handle, the maintenance, updates, backups, core, plugins, security, etc. are monitored daily/weekly and we take proactive steps without you having to remind us. So, that part is fully automatic for you (premium plan only). However, you can send in requests on any of these items at any time as a single job request (standard or premium). Tips and suggestions for your specific WordPress site are given regularly as we notice them as well!



Simply request your WordPress support job via email OR login to your account’s support control area by clicking “Request Job!”


We give you real-time status updates of progress. You will receive them periodically both by email and they can be seen in your support control login area. You are continually being kept in the loop. Some jobs can be done in a few hours or less and some may take 1-2 business days depending on the nature of the job request). We strive to get it complete as fast as possible without sacrificing quality as well. A history and archive of past jobs are available for your reference anytime.



You enjoy growing/working on your endeavor (business, personal, student, education, non-profit, ministry, etc) instead of worrying about WordPress issues! Once you signup, click “Request Job!” to begin (after checkout you should be taken there automatically). Be sure to read the brief Guidelines to Request Job section/tab after you login so we can best serve you.



What Some Customers Say

Hi – the support I received was friendly, thorough, and prompt. Very happy with the quality of support. My questions were answered. I even got a tip I hadn’t asked for. thumbs up!

Bita A.

Sales, Kurbo

. . . produces high quality content, listens closely to feedback, and delivers his work in a timely manner.

Erik W.

Founder, A GEO GIS mapping/software company - Melville, NY

Fantastic service, would recommend to any one. Wish I knew about them years ago.

Brighid O.

Owner, Celtic Thoughts

Fabulous. Love Greg’s work. He is very generous and giving and works with you until you are happy . . . He is a great communicator and I found him to be patient, obliging and totally trustworthy . . . He really knows his stuff and has guided me well through this journey. Thanks!

Diane F.

CEO/Founder, A real estate company - Australia

The Best of the Best service, 100% recommended!!

Carlos A.

Founder, Exact-Estimates

Greg has been great at responding 🙂 Thank you so much for your excellent support..

Jerilyn S.

Owner, Personal Blog

Great communication with frequent updates and useful feedback, would recommend to anyone struggling with WordPress . . .

Matt B.

CMO, IRAS Solutions

Greg is very detail-oriented, not afraid of technology and cares about process as well as results. He is a pleasure to work with.

Steve T.

CMO, A big data technology company - Newark, NJ

Greg was awesome! He fixed our blog within minutes! I’m so grateful for him!

Todd and Julie N.

Owners, Todd Nichols Photography


Pricing & Plans

Click if you only need a single one-off job completed (up to a 2 hour job)!
$67 /one-time only flat fee

Contact us if you have a unique circumstance to arrange for potential custom pricing, plans, or packages. For example you may have many websites, have a agency/web service, or may need enterprise-level service needs etc. Please describe your circumstance and request upon contacting us.

Checkout with virtually any debit or credit card direct via Stripe OR with Paypal (your choice)!


30 day guarantee blsecure_checkout

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
If, for any reason, you are not delighted within your first 30 days of service you receive, then we will be happy to give you a full and complete refund.

Bitcoin and Apple Pay is coming soon via Stripe. We are also testing support for China’s Alipay via Stripe.

*Limitless WordPress help on small jobs apply to one (1) website per account. However, you may signup for multiple accounts for each website you have if needed. We can do Custom Plans that are significantly discounted as well if you have multiple websites or have multiple client sites (starting typically over 3 sites or more). Jobs are to be submitted one WordPress job support request at time per site (when the previous job is completed on a site then a new one can be submitted for it). A small job is considered work that can be done by us within roughly 0-2 hours active working hours (i.e. analyzing the issue, researching, applying solutions, testing, etc). We are typically liberal about this time frame at our discretion. Once a job is done on a site, then another job can be submitted when you are under any of our plans. If a job is determined to not be a small job by us, then we may offer you a custom quote on a case by case basis or refer you to others who might help on a particular job request that is out of scope as determined by us. We aim for turnaround times of 1 business day (EST USA time Mon-Fri see here for more on the business hours). Some jobs will have turnaround times immediately or within hours and some may be more than 1 business day depending on the nature of the job request. Over a 30 day period, say, we are averaging well under our aim of a 1 business day turnaround on average over a little time. We will do our best to begin a job on the weekends (USA EST time) when requests are marked “Critical” or “Urgent” in nature in the subject line. However, you can also submit any normal job on the weekends in preparation for the coming week. Once you signup, click “Request Job!” to begin (after checkout you should be taken there automatically and be given additional instructions via email and will receive client only email address as well to submit jobs which are created into tickets on our end). You can also visit some of our FAQs. By continuing to use our site and/or being a registered member you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You assume responsibility to review them regularly as they are subject to change without notice anytime.

WP Website Help Team

wordpress helpWP Website Help is based out of NC (USA) and has a team of Global WordPress help & support fanatics who love to help others harness the power of WP without all the stress. We are also entrepreneurs who love technology and making stuff online work to produce desired results. It helps people tap into the power of WordPress to achieve respective successes in their various endeavors. Limitless WordPress help is what WP Website Help is all about!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy and do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely. Upon signing up, if you are not delighted with the service you receive then you may request a complete refund within the first initial 30 days of service. Additionally, there are no long term contracts.

What do you do?

We offer wide-ranging limitless support on small jobs for WordPress websites via one of our monthly plans or you may choose for us to do a one-time job. We service you through a tightly integrated account dashboard so that you can see real-time progress and review all history for reference. Here a some samples of what we can do for you.

How long do tasks take to complete?

That is a great question! It depends. Many jobs can be done within hours or even minutes. Some jobs may take longer depending on the nature of the request and workload. We strive to have, on average, completed jobs done within 1-2 business days (some a lot shorter and some longer). Most tasks are done Mon-Fri USA EST time. If there are urgent requests, then we will do our best to service those on the weekends a well Sat-Sun USA EST time. There are several levels of service that we make available to you once you are logged in to choose from in order to prioritize your requests.

Do you have a affiliate program?

Yes. Get In Touch about the details of our affiliate program if you are interested.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes! There are clear instructions on how to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time after signing up (you will not have to wonder how to do these things). When you signup, you will be logged into your specific account where you can see all of the jobs, history, billing, etc.

Is my particular request considered a small job?

Usually, if your gut feeling is that it is likely a small job (i.e. up to 30 min-2 hours in time), then it probably is. Once you register, then you will have immediate access to your personalized account. Just submit it and we will do what we can. If you would like to ask about it first before signing up, then you can do so. Just describe your request/job and  Get In Touch  Describe by using this outline:

  • What actions have you taken so far?
  • What did you expect?
  • What were the actual results of your actions taken?
  • What outcome do you actually want?
How many sites can you support?

Any plan you subscribe to includes support for one (1) WordPress website. Each request/job you submit should be submitted one at a time (once the previous job is completed then you can submit another as needed). You are welcome, however, to sign up more than one time for other sites (i.e. if you have 3 sites, then you can signup 3 times for each of those sites).

Can you offer support on any website?

Mostly. Yes. However, we can not offer service or support to websites that deal in content such as is found below:

  • Adult content
  • Defamatory or otherwise offensive content
  • Any other website that has questionable content or motives as determined by WP Website Help
Is this really limitless WordPress help & support on small jobs?

Yes. It really is. We actually take pleasure in helping others achieve their respective endeavors with WordPress. It is fun and rewarding to us! That being said, we have a good feel for what reasonable requests/job types look like and what average volume per client is likely to be under most circumstances. As we strive to charge reasonable prices for great service, most clients respect the system. If the amount of your requests/jobs become a strain on the system, then we will politely let you know so that adjustments can be made either side of the relationship . . . smile.

Are all types of requests/jobs ok?

Well, our tagline is limitless support on small jobs. A small job in regards to time it takes to complete could be from up to 30 min. to 2 hours depending on the nature of the request as determined by WP Website Help. If we feel like you may be better served on a particular task by a 3rd partner partner, then we will do our best to direct/refer you. Some examples of what we can cover (which is not limited to these by any means) are found here. Some examples of this we would not directly cover in WP Website Help are below (although feel free to ask us for direction on such things and we can work to refer you):

  • Custom theme or plugin creation
  • Complete website design or redesigns
  • Custom integration where tools are not already created
  • Or, any other request/job that WP Website Help deems beyond its reasonable scope of time (30-min to 2 hours)
Do you offer new WordPress website installs?

If you need/want a new WordPress install, then we can set it up for you and give you a FREE domain name that you will always own after the 1st month of service (or use one you have now) along with FREE hosting on our ultra fast SSD fully redundant servers.

This also comes with robust themes, plugins, and capabilities that will surely satisfy your ambitious ideas. This could be used as a separate project or integrated by linking from your current site. This is currently on a case by case basis. Let us know if you are interested after you have registered.

How many requests/jobs can be submitted at one time?

Each request/job you submit should be submitted one at a time (once the previous job is completed then you can submit another as needed). Keep in mind, also, the jobs for ongoing maintenance, security, updates, suggestions, etc. are done automatically without you requesting anything (unless you have something to request in these regards).

What about security?

We take the security of your WordPress install serious. For some tasks, we use a API access key where you install the plugin and then put in a API security code so that some recurring/ongoing tasks can be done. Of course, you can remove the API access key at anytime. For other requests/jobs, we will need you to supply a admin username and password. We recommend creating a brand new user and call it WP Website Help (or similar). You will submit the credentials via your personalize account at wpwebsitehelp.com. When you submit and request/job, then enable the WP Website Help admin account you created. If you do not have further requests, then you could disable until you have another request/job. If you leave it enabled, it will help us to login to check things without having to contact you each time to enable (this is up to you on how you wish to handle). Alternatively, you could provide your primary username and password and just change the password each time too, but we do not recommend doing it that way (we recommend the method above described first). Note: we are working on other methods as well.

Can you help me if I have been hacked?

Yes. We monitor, scan, and remove any issues related to your site being hacked. This is part of the monthly plan of services.

Do you offer any kind of franchising or white label opportunity?

No. We do not anticipate offering either at the present time. You can register for our affiliate program though. Get In Touch about the details of our affiliate program if you are interested.

I want to signup, can you solve my problem ASAP?

Once you register, then you get immediate access to your personalized account. There you are able to submit your request/job! Once you do that, then we can begin. You will have real-time visibility into the status/progress. If you have any questions prior to signing up, just Get In Touch 

Can you do a one time or one-off type job instead of a monthly plan?

Yes. You can order a one time or one-off type job. Go here for Pricing details. If you would like to ask about your one time request/job first, then just describe your request/job and Get In Touch Describe by using this outline:

  • What actions have you taken so far?
  • What did you expect?
  • What were the actual results of your actions taken?
  • What outcome do you actually want?
I would like to get started, but have more questions?

Sure. If you still have questions you would like answered, reach out anytime. Get In Touch  here.

Get In Touch & Just Ask Us!

If you still have questions you would like answered, reach out anytime.

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